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Who are we?

Our Story

We are a chain of Offset Printing Press, fabricating various range of printing and packaging materials for India’s premier manufacturers.

Since 1990, Vivek Fine Arts has valued the importance of quality printing combined with state-of-art technology to create memorable client experiences. Those core values continue to be the foundation of our success.

Kandasamy M
Founder, Vivek Fine Arts
Our formula to quality


bussiness A+

One of the easiest ways to build a quality product is to start with handpicked base.

Color-Tuned printing inks that go beyond CMYK standards. Upto 6 color feeds.

Transfering designed content in right formats & resolution results in sharp & clear output.

Our printing machinery can be custom tuned to your desired output with micron-level adjustments.

Ranging from UV printing, Foils, water-based coating to lamination, you name it.

CNC controlled cutting & scoring finishes with a precision / accuracy of 0.01 mm

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